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How to Apply

To Prospective Students and Researchers 


The YK Lab is a multidisciplinary research group to reveal the secret of how nuclear proteins organize the genome structure and maintain its functional state. We use single-molecule biophysics combined with molecular biology, biochemistry, and lithography. We welcome scientists that are enthusiastic to make exciting science with active collaboration. To apply, contact Prof. Yoori Kim ( with the following information.

For Graduate Study


Prospective students with a strong motivation for our interdisciplinary scientific research are encouraged to join the lab by applying to our graduate program.  You can contact Prof. Yoori Kim with the following information:

  • Your CV including your relevant research experiences (such as group projects, internships, or work experience)

  • Unofficial transcript

  • Your research interest and skills and a paragraph on why you want to join our lab

Please note that all the admission decisions to the DGIST are made by the official admission committees, so individual contact with a professor does not guarantee your acceptance to the graduate school. 

For Undergraduate research


The lab strives to include exceptional undergraduates seeking an initial research experience in their life.  To get started for research in the lab, please email Prof. Yoori Kim with the following information: 

  • Your brief resume

  • Your unofficial transcript

  • A paragraph on why you want to join our lab and how much you can commit to the lab.

Postdoc and Research Scientist Openings


Scientists with a strong background in biochemistry, biophysics, or bioengineering are strongly encouraged to apply, but most of all, a record of success and your strong work ethic are what you need.  Send your CV and a cover letter to Yoori first to find a job opening and get involved. 

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